Wide bridge for Fender Bass VI

Wide bridge for Fender Bass VI


Wide bridge for Fender Bass VI, Pawn Shop Bass VI and Squier VM Bass VI

Made wider than the standard bridge supplied with recent models to overcome the intonation problems associated with these six string bass guitars.

Precision made in the UK, all metal parts are stainless steel.

Height adjustment screws are larger than standard and have plastic bushings to prevent them vibrating loose.

Intonation adjusting screws are hexagon and not Phillips, adjustment is easier with ball ended Allen key (included with purchase),
This can also be used for the bridge height adjustment.

Intonation adjustment screws cannot vibrate loose, the screws are held securely in place with small nylon discs.

The saddles are preset to the correct fretboard radius so individual adjustment screws are not necessary.

Available to suit fretboard radius 7¼ inch or 9½ Inch.


 If purchasing for a left handed guitar please let us know by adding a note in the 'order and delivery comments' section when checking out.


Please note - If your guitar has a mute it will not fit with the wide bridge.

New optional feature
We have had many requests for a non rocking bridge so we are now offering a solution as a free optional extra.
We can supply the bridge with nylon sleeves fitted to the support posts that will restrict any movement to a minimum so it will be more stable.
These will fit US made Bass VI, Squier VM Bass VI, MIJ Bass VI.
Please note they will not fit the MIM Pawn Shop Bass VI but as this model has smaller holes in the thimbles the movement is restricted anyway.

Can only be fitted to bridge before dispatch, cannot be retrofitted.

For the following reason we do not recommend this option if you use the tremolo.

The Staytrem bridge is designed to rock back and forth with the action of the tremolo, just like the original Fender bridge. If the bridge does not move with the tremolo action the strings will slide across the saddles. With friction the strings may not always return to the same place and the guitar will constantly go out of tune.


If you would like your Staytrem bridge to be non rocking please let us know by adding a note in the 'order and delivery comments' section when checking out and we will fit the nylon sleeves.

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Available to suit 7.25 and 9.5 fretboard radius.

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Delivery UK + £1.00, Europe + £2.50, outside Europe + £3.20