Jaguar / Jazzmaster tremolo upgrade

Jaguar / Jazzmaster tremolo upgrade


The Staytrem tremolo upgrade is a replacement for the standard tremolo arm and collet which overcomes the problems normally associated with the Jaguar and Jazzmaster

No more loose and rattling tremolo arm.

Free play eliminated so no lost motion.

Designed to stay in place when released.

A replacement collet fits into the tremolo plate in place of the original fitment.
It has an internal nylon sleeve so there is no metal to metal contact with the tremolo arm.
This provides a very smooth rotation and will last or many years.

No modification to the guitar required so can be put back to original at any time.

Externally looks like the original fitment.

Precision made in the UK, all metal parts stainless steel.

Will fit Fender Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Jagaurillo and Bass VI 

Size selection

When ordering you will need to select the correct size for your guitar -
For all USA made guitars please select the 3/8" US option

For Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster also choose the 3/8" US option
For all other models please select the 10mm option except for Classic Player and Jaguarillo.
For MIM Classic Players and Jaguarillo's there are two possible size variations so please see our selection guide for further information before purchasing.

Choice of White, Black or Ivory plastic tip on the arm.

 If purchasing for a left handed guitar please let us know by adding a note in the 'order and delivery comments' section when checking out.
















The arm is the same smooth shape as American vintage.

Choice of White, Black or Ivory plastic tips.

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