Non rocking Bass VI bridge option


The Bass VI bridge is designed to rock back and forth with the action of the tremolo, just like the original Fender bridge. If the bridge does not move with the tremolo the guitar will constantly go out of tune.


Some players do not use the tremolo and prefer the bridge to be fixed so we offer an optional extra.



The bridge can be supplied with nylon sleeves fitted to the support post that will restrict any movement to a minimum. These will fit US, Japanese and Squier VM Bass VI's and any others with a 5/16” or 8mm holes in the thimbles.
They can be easily removed if no longer required.
(This option is not suitable for Made in Mexico guitars).

If you would like your Bass VI bridge to be non rocking please make sure that you let us know by adding a note in the 'order and delivery comments' section when checking out and we will fit the nylon sleeves.


This option is free of charge and must be requested at time of purchase.
We are sorry but these cannot be supplied to retro-fit.